THe ut.lab

the team

We are an interesting mix of industrial designers, graphic artists, ceramic artists, logistics specialists, and serial entrepreneurs. In a nutshell the core team is five people who have come together by a random connection over the past year, who each as individuals, really wanted to change the world around them. And Unbelievable Testing Laboratory is now our vehicle to do awesome things.



We like to think back to the days when we all wanted to be astronauts and fly to the moon. That’s when science was cool. We still think it is. Our passion to use cutting edge technologies to make simple things like shoes more simple and technically efficient, is what drives us to help today's children, tomorrow's leaders, to develop the same interests and passions of our team.



Ever the nomad, Token started his professional career with 700 RMB ($100 USD) in his pocket from his father. The journey that he set out on would take him from the largest Shanghai media companies, to founding his own animation company, to designing software for Microsoft, to some of his more interesting creations at frog design. It was in late 2011 at frog design that Token began to tinker with Tyvek, laying the foundations for The UT.LAB. Token heads up all product research, design, and production.



Having grown up in Southern California alongside many of the world’s most innovative lifestyle brands, Shaun has developed a passion for sharing amazing brand experiences with people worldwide. He has been on the road for the last nine years, crisscrossing Europe and Asia. Over this time he has consulted many brands and retailers across the supply chain from both upstream development and sourcing operations to downstream distribution. Shaun handles our operations.



With thirteen years under his belt of building companies of all shapes and sizes in China, Joe teamed up with Token and the Unbelievable Testing Laboratory team and instantly connected. His passion to connect people and change the world by doing awesome things has been the driving force to amplify Token’s passion to create and build products that can be used to influence and affect the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. Joe heads up all business development.